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The Disposable Vape Recycling Scheme

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Introducing VapeDrop: Recover’s Bold Initiative to Recycle the UK’s Disposable Vapes!

VapeDrop, a game-changing initiative by Recover, is transforming vaping device disposal in the UK. We equip retailers with dedicated bins, fostering eco-conscious retail practices, and most importantly, discouraging users from unsafe vape disposal.

Instead, we offer a responsible and safe disposal method. Plus, the collected vapes find new life right here in the UK through recycling.

How the VapeDrop Scheme works:

Recover’s VapeDrop scheme places dedicated bins in stores nationwide, allowing customers to easily and responsibly dispose of their vapes. Recover then takes charge, collecting the discarded vapes and carefully sorting them for optimal recycling.

These vapes are transported to a local recycling facility in the UK, where they undergo a comprehensive disassembly process, ensuring they are recycled to the fullest extent.

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The Vital Significance of the VapeDrop Scheme

The VapeDrop scheme sets out to help the Vape industry achieve the following

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Environmental Responsibility

Proper vape disposal prevents harm to the environment from vape components.

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Resource Conservation:

Recycling vapes conserves materials used in vape devices, reducing the need for new resources.

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E-Waste Reduction:

It minimizes electronic waste and its negative impact on landfills and ecosystems


Promotes a greener, circular economy by reusing materials..

Hazard Mitigation:

Recycling safely handles potentially dangerous vape components.

Legal Compliance:

It ensures compliance with e-waste disposal regulations.

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Enhance Your Business with VapeDrop

Joining VapeDrop means more than just environmental responsibility; it’s a chance to stand out as a sustainability leader.

By hosting dedicated vape disposal bins, you demonstrate your commitment to eco-conscious practices, encourage responsible vape disposal, and boost your brand’s reputation as a socially responsible business.

Businesses can also opt-in for our custom branded bins, allowing them to further promote their work with Recover. Join VapeDrop today to make a positive impact on the environment and elevate your business.

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Elevating Environmental Awareness Through Vape Retailers

In line with our mission, retailers hosting VapeDrop bins play a crucial role in promoting environmental consciousness. They contribute to vape waste reduction by providing convenient, eco-friendly disposal options.

By joining this initiative, retailers support the vision of a more sustainable future by encouraging responsible practices and ensuring that vapes are given a second life through recycling.

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Disposable Vape Recycling

Why Recycling Vapes Matters

Disposable vapes, comprising materials like non-biodegradable plastics and batteries, pose a threat when discarded irresponsibly, often ending up in landfills. In these sites, these devices can persist for decades, potentially leaching harmful chemicals into the environment.

The VapeDrop scheme is a cornerstone of building a more sustainable future. By recycling vapes, we contribute significantly to reducing electronic waste, reclaiming valuable materials, and mitigating the environmental consequences linked to their manufacture and disposal

Understanding the Dangers of Disposable Vape Batteries

Disposable vapes often house lithium-ion batteries, which demand proper handling and disposal due to fire hazards. These batteries carry certain risks, including:

Chemical Reactions

Lithium-ion batteries can overheat or catch fire when damaged or exposed to extreme temperatures

Leakage of Hazardous Materials:

Some contain toxic chemicals that can leak if the battery casing is compromised, posing health and environmental risks


Battery terminals coming into contact with metal objects or conductive materials can trigger overheating and potential dangers

Improper Disposal:

Discarding them in regular trash or landfills can lead to crushing or puncturing, elevating the risk of fires and environmental contamination

Unlocking the Potential of Reusable Batteries

The batteries found in disposable vapes hold promise for a second life. Recover is actively engaged in recharging and refurbishing these recovered lithium-ion batteries. Our objective is to make them safe and viable for reuse in secondary applications, such as new vape devices or other electronic products.

This innovative recharging process not only extends battery lifespans but also reduces the demand for manufacturing new batteries, championing resource conservation and bolstering environmental sustainability.

A Commitment to Local Recycling

Recover is dedicated to ensuring that every vape we collect undergoes recycling within the UK through our trusted partners.

Prioritizing local processing not only guarantees responsible disposal but also significantly reduces additional CO2 emissions linked to overseas transportation.

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Materials Recovered from Disposable Vapes

Within the VapeDrop scheme, we harness the potential of recycling disposable vapes to reclaim valuable materials. These include essential components like metal parts, lithium-ion batteries, plastics, and various other valuable materials.

This recycling approach not only maximizes resource reuse but also champions sustainability, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Applications of Recovered Vape Materials

The metals and plastics reclaimed from disposable vapes find diverse applications, including the production of plastic bottles and metal molds.

Additionally, Recover is actively engaged in recharging recovered lithium-ion batteries for their reuse in various applications, including new vape devices.

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Disposable Vape Recycling
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can disposable vapes be recycled?

Many disposable vapes contain components like plastic, metal, and batteries, which can be recycled.

How do disposable vapes work?

Disposable vapes typically consist of a battery, an atomizer, and a liquid-filled cartridge. When you inhale, the battery heats the liquid, turning it into vapor, which you then inhale

How should I dispose of disposable vapes?

Users are encouraged to responsibly dispose of their vapes by utilizing the dedicated bins provided by Recover in stores across the UK. These bins are designed to facilitate the safe and environmentally-conscious disposal of vaping products.

Can Disposable Vapes explode?

While rare, there have been cases of e-cigarettes, including disposable vapes, exploding due to battery malfunctions. However, proper usage and care can reduce this risk.

Are disposable vape flammable?

Disposable vapes use lithium-ion batteries to heat the e-liquid for vaporization. These batteries can be flammable, and while the risk of fires is relatively low, incidents have occurred due to misuse, damage, or incompatible chargers.

Are disposable vapes dangerous?

The safety of disposable vapes depends on various factors, including how they are used and the quality of the product.They can be dangerous if mishandled, such as using damaged devices, overcharging etc.

Are disposable vapes bad for the environment?

Disposable vapes can contribute to environmental issues if not disposed of properly, as they contain plastics, metals, and batteries. Recycling and proper disposal can mitigate these concerns.

What dangers do Disposable vapes pose to the environment?

Disposable vapes pose environmental dangers primarily due to the improper disposal of their components, including batteries, plastic casings, and e-liquid containers. These hazards can include:
Toxic Battery Materials: The batteries in disposable vapes can contain hazardous materials like lithium, which, if not disposed of properly, can leak harmful substances into the environment.
Plastic Pollution: The plastic casings and packaging contribute to plastic waste if not recycled or disposed of responsibly.
E-liquid Contaminants: Improperly discarded e-liquids may contain toxic chemicals that can contaminate soil and water if not handled correctly.
Landfill Contribution: When disposable vapes end up in landfills, they take up valuable space and do not decompose, further exacerbating waste management challenges.

How are disposable vapes recycled?

Recycling methods may vary, but typically, disposable vapes are disassembled, and their components, such as metals and plastics, are separated for recycling.

How and where do I recycle my disposable vapes?

You can ensure your disposable vapes are recycled by placing them in one of our dedicated VapeDrop bins located in stores across the UK. From there the vapes are collected and transported to a UK based recycler.

Where can I dispose of my vapes?

Users can either drop their used vapes at one of our VapeDrop locations or they can take their vapes to their nearest recycling centre, where they should also have dedicated recycling bins.

Why should I recycle my vapes?

Recycling your vapes is essential for these reasons:
Environmental Responsibility: Proper disposal prevents harm to the environment from vape components.
Resource Conservation: Recycling conserves materials used in vape devices, reducing the need for new resources.
E-Waste Reduction: It minimizes electronic waste and its negative impact on landfills and ecosystems.
Hazard Mitigation: Recycling safely handles potentially dangerous vape components.
Legal Compliance: It ensures compliance with e-waste disposal regulations.
Sustainability: Promotes a greener, circular economy by reusing materials.

Can disposable vapes in a general waste bin?

Users should refrain from disposing of vapes, whether they are disposable or rechargeable, in the regular waste or recycling bins. If you have vapes at home, please store them in a designated container and then deposit them in one of our specialized vape disposal bins.

Where do disposable vapes end up when they are not recycled?

Many disposable vapes contain materials that do not biodegrade easily, such as plastics and batteries. When disposed of irresponsibly, they are often sent to landfills. In landfills, these devices can take years or even decades to break down, potentially releasing harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Recover ensures that none of the vapes collected end up on landfills, and are instead recycled to their fullest extent.

What materials can be recovered from disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes can be recycled to recover materials such as metal components, lithium-ion batteries, plastics, and other valuable materials. Recycling maximizes resource reuse and promotes sustainability.

Do disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries?

Many disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries, which should be handled and disposed of properly due to their potential fire hazard

Which vape manufacturers recycle their vapes?

Vape stores across the country are opting in for the VapeDrop scheme in order to recycle vapes sold in the UK. We place dedicated vape bins in retail stores where consumers can responsibly dispose of their vapes, allowing us to recycle them for valuable materials.

How can vape manufacturers improve practices to be more environmentally conscious?

Manufacturers can reduce waste by designing products with easily recyclable materials, providing recycling information to consumers, and exploring options for take-back programs like VapeDrop.

Who recycles disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are recycled by our trusted recycling partners here in the UK. They are carefully disassembled and then each part is recycled accordingly.

Who collects disposable vapes?

Recover is the dedicated collector of disposable vapes, ensuring they are safely gathered and transported to our recycling partners for proper dismantling and recycling

Are disposable vapes recycled in the UK?

Recover ensures that 100% of the vapes we collect are recycled within the UK by our trusted partners. By prioritising local processing we further minimize additional CO2 emissions associated with overseas transportation.

Do retailers have to take back old vapes?

Certain retailers might offer a takeback service, but they are not required to do so unless their annual sales of electrical items exceed £100,000. However, it's worth noting that an increasing number of retail stores are adopting responsible measures to mitigate their products' environmental impact, including the provision of takeback services through bins like ours.