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Introducing Sustainable Vaping
in Scotland!

Elfbar and the Scottish Grocery Federation (SGF) have joined forces to bring eco-friendly vaping options to Scotland. SGF is placing vape recycling bins in convenience stores across the nation, making it easy for customers to recycle their disposable vapes.

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Recover: SGF’s Recommended Vape Recycler

SGF proudly endorses Recover to manage the collection and recycling of vapes. This partnership underscores a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, paving the way for a more sustainable vaping industry in Scotland.

Join today & be part of this Scottish vape recycling initiative.

Recover is already working closely with Elfbar in England, where the initiative has seen remarkable success. We’re thrilled to extend our partnership to the SGF and be part of this Scottish initiative.

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Free Vape Bins for Retailers

Elfbar provides free vape bins, relieving retailers of costly fees and promoting cost-effective solutions.

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Hassle-Free Collection and Recycling

Retailers can team up with Recover for a secure and trouble-free collection and recycling process, from the vape bin to authorized Scottish facilities.

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Environmental Responsibility & Compliance

By joining this initiative, retailers demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance.

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The Benefits of Joining SGF’s Initiative

By providing disposable vape recycling to their customers, businesses can stay ahead of legislation and elevate their brand as an environmentally responsible retailer.

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Elevate Your Brand

Participating in the SGF’s Initiative signifies your commitment to social and environmental responsibility, enhancing your brand identity.

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Stay Compliant

Stay ahead of evolving e-waste and recycling regulations by joining this initiative. It’s a proactive step to meet and exceed compliance requirements.

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Effortless Implementation

SGF provides dedicated vape recycling bins, and Recover handles the recycling process, making it a hassle-free and efficient solution for your business.

Environmental Impact

Your participation reduces the environmental footprint of the vaping industry. Every responsibly recycled vape product contributes to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Lead the Industry

Join forward-thinking retailers in this initiative and be a leader in an industry-wide change with a significant impact.

Engage Your Customers

Involve your customers in your sustainability efforts. Share your participation in the Vape Recycling Initiative and encourage responsible vape product recycling. Together, we can make a difference!

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Tailor Made Recycling Bins

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Scheduled & Recorded Collections

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Disassembly within the UK

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Recycling & Reuse

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What can be recycled from a disposable vape?

Vapes contain a range of materials which when thrown away the materials contained inside them are lost forever. Although vapes are covered in plastic, the lithium inside the battery forms a key material hidden inside the vapes. Each single-use vapes contains on average 0.15g of lithium and with over 1.3 million single-use vapes thrown away every week this accumulates to 10 tonnes of lithium a year, equivalent to the lithium in batteries inside 1,200 electric vehicles.

Throwing away vapes means that we are throwing away some of the most precious materials on our planet.

A key part of the problem is that vapes are advertised as disposable. Producers and retailers need to work together to ensure that they should make people aware that vapes should never be binned and instead be recycled.

Recover aims to make recycling easier and offer manufacturers and retailers a solution by adding collection points in-stores across the UK.

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Why Disposable vapes should never be thrown into general waste

Lithium batteries that are thrown away can cause fires, these fires have the potential to endanger the public and waste truck operators by causing fires on streets, and waste centres across the UK and costing local councils millions of pounds. If batteries, or electricals containing batteries, end up inside bins or recycling lorries with other materials then they are crushed in the waste and recycling process.

This increases the chances that they could be punctured and self-combust, setting fire to dry and flammable waste and recycling around them.

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faq section

Disposable Vape Recycling
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put disposable vapes in the bin at home?

Disposable vapes should never be put in a domestic or public bin as the batteries can pose a fire risk. Instead use our recycling service or visit your household waste recycling centre and dispose of them in the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) receptacle.

Is it safe to throw away disposable elfbar vapes in my regular bin if I can't recycle them?

No, it's not advisable to throw disposable vapes in your regular rubbish bin. Disposable vapes contain a battery and other components that can be hazardous if not disposed of correctly. Therefore, they should be recycled at designated e-waste facilities or returned to the manufacturer or retailer if they offer a recycling program.

Can You Recycle Elfbar Vapes?

Yes. You can recycle Elf bars at your local participating Recover Store as part of our vape recycling scheme. We dissasemble each vape and reuse or reycle all the parts.

Is it legal to recycle disposable vapes in the UK?

Yes, it's not only legal, but it's also strongly encouraged. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive in the UK classifies electronic cigarettes as "small mixed WEEE," meaning they should be properly recycled to reduce their environmental impact. Remember, it's not appropriate to throw disposable vapes into regular household rubbish bins.

Can I recycle the e-liquid or nicotine residue left in a disposable vape?

No, e-liquid or nicotine residue should not be disposed of in regular recycling or waste bins due to its potentially harmful nature. When you recycle a disposable vape at an appropriate facility, they'll handle this component safely. Never attempt to remove or drain e-liquid yourself at home. It's best to leave it to the professionals to ensure it's disposed of properly.

Do all disposable vapes contain the same components that need recycling?

While there might be slight differences in design between different brands or models, most disposable vapes contain similar components that need recycling. This typically includes a battery, a heating element, and a cartridge containing e-liquid. These parts, particularly the battery, need to be recycled properly to prevent environmental damage.

What are the environmental benefits of recycling disposable vapes?

Recycling disposable vapes reduces the number of harmful materials that end up in our landfill sites. The batteries in vapes contain heavy metals like nickel, cadmium, and cobalt which, if left in landfills, can leach into the ground and contaminate soil and water. By recycling, we ensure that these materials are safely recovered and repurposed, reducing the demand for mining new materials and thus protecting our environment.

Where else can i recycle vapes?

You can also take your used vapes to a local recycling facility. Details of these can be found on your local council website.

Are there any risks or challenges associated with recycling disposable vapes?

The primary challenges with recycling disposable vapes relate to the e-liquid and battery inside them. The nicotine in e-liquid is a hazardous substance, and the batteries can pose a fire risk if not handled correctly. However, these challenges are addressed by proper handling and safety measures at professional recycling facilities. It's important that consumers do not attempt to disassemble or tamper with these devices themselves, but rather take them to a designated recycling facility or use a return program provided by the manufacturer or retailer.