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Proper Management and Recycling of Disposable Vapes
November 8, 2023
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May 17, 2024

Recover is a Proud Partner of Elfbar’s Green Awareness Initiative

GreenAwareness is an initiative of ELFBAR. We support the delivery of vape recycling solutions and reducing the impact of waste materials. Specifically our initiative is focused on providing adult vapers with more information about how to dispose of used vapes more responsibly.

We’re thrilled to announce that GreenAwareness has brought a spark of recycling inspiration to Covent Garden, London, with a vibrant two-day pop-up event starting this cheerful Friday, 8th December!

GreenAwareness (an ELFBAR initiative) is about investing across the recycling chain, from research and development to the implementation of recycling projects. As we all know, vaping devices have been a beacon of hope for those looking to quit smoking, but it’s equally important to address the afterlife of these gadgets. The lovely pop-up event will not only highlight the strides we’ve made in collecting, transporting, and recycling these devices but also share our vision for minimising their impact on the natural world.

The store was like stepping into a world where recycling meets innovation – Green Awareness’ pop-up featured its bespoke recycling bins and unveiled a cleverly designed prototype single-use vape that’s a breeze to dismantle, making the recycling process easier.

Green Awareness Elfbar Vape Recycling

Eve Peters, director of government affairs at ELFBAR UK, shares our enthusiasm: “It’s encouraging to see the consensus among our recycling partners like Recover and TES on the potential recyclability rate of single-use vapes. This pop-up is our way of spreading the word that your used vapes are not just waste and have reusable parts.”

In a push to make the collection, transportation and dismantling process easier, GreenAwareness is providing free recycling bins to local shops, so returning your used vapes is as simple as popping into where you bought them. Inspired by research, we’ve seen that easy access to recycling bins is a key component to encouraging successful vape recycling.

We’re buzzing with excitement to share updates on our journey from the initial pilot, which saw bins in 160 stores managed by the Recover team, to the upcoming leap of placing 900 bins with a major national retailer. Plus, we’re collaborating to ensure that every step from collection to disassembly is handled with the utmost care and respect for our planet.

Eve adds, “We’re not alone in this mission – there are thousands of vape recycling points across the UK, and we’re proud to complement these with our efforts to add to these numbers.”

The initial results are in, and they’re promising – 80,000 vapes have been collected since June, starting from just 70 stores. And as more bins make their way into stores, our dedication to enhancing vape recycling only grows stronger, exploring innovative techniques like battery test charging and advanced plastic reuse.

The GreenAwareness pop-up is also aimed at driving public awareness that single-use vapes can be recycled and reducing the product’s waste impact. It is ELFBAR and Recover’s mission to support those on their journey to quit smoking by providing easy and responsible ways to dispose of used vapes.

With its investment in vape recycling, GreenAwareness is developing supporting infrastructure to enhance single-use vape recycling throughout the chain.


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November 8, 2023

Proper Management and Recycling of Disposable Vapes

The e-cigarette industry is rapidly expanding in the UK, with its market worth nearing the £1 billion mark. The ubiquity of vape shops and the diverse options of e-cigarettes available can't be missed. Yet, despite its popularity, vaping is still relatively new and raises various questions from health impacts to environmental concerns.
July 28, 2023

Recover launches nationwide vape collection scheme with Elfbar

Lithium recycling company company Recover has launched a national vape collection service alongside vape juggernaught Elfbar to help provide safe disposal and recycling routes for the three million vapes currently thrown away each week.