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A natural solutions consultancy working with businesses and individuals across the UK to reduce and offset our climate impact.

Partnership with Wanderlands

Our journey toward carbon neutrality

Wanderlands are a leading sustainability consultancy that provide comprehensive natural solutions to reduce and offset our carbon footprint locally in the UK. They’ve helped us develop and implement a carbon management strategy, which includes full support to design and bring our native broadleaf woodland to life. We decided to create our new woodland here in Bristol so we can address our carbon footprint locally and tangibly. It also means we can host unique experiences on sustainability and climate change for our staff, customers, and community to engage with.

There is no better way to protect our world than through the creation of new woodlands, wildflowers and grasses to grow and restore ecosystem biodiversity. Over the next several years, Wanderlands will be planting thousands of native broadleaf trees, regenerating biodiversity in expansive areas across the country. We’re excited to join their founding mission to play a part in restoring the balance of our planet. Join us and take real action now. Together, we will achieve positive climate change for the benefit of generations to come.

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EcoMove Bristol

Our mother Company, EcoMove is a retailer based in Bristol, dealing in electric bikes, scooters and mopeds.

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Working to Reduce Carbon In Our Streets

EcoMove’s mission is to provide people with a more environmentally and sustainable form of transport and reduce the number of cars on the road.

Carbon has a huge impact on the environment and makes up more than 81% of our global greenhouse gas emissions and EcoMove is working hard to reduce this and educate their customers on how they can do the same.

By Working Together We Can Make A Difference

Eco Recover is working in partnerships with multiple businesses in the hope of making real change.

The more businesses that join us, the more impact we can make; helping us get even closer to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life.

The time for change is now, and we are making it happen.

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What Happens To the lithium-Ion
Batteries After Collection:

100% of the batteries collected are recycled in the UK. Batteries are recycled and valuable materials such as cathode powder, copper, and alluminium are recovered. These materials are then used to manufacture new batteries.

lithium ion recycling

Eco-Friendly Collections

We are passionate about helping the environment and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore we’ve partnered with Wanderlands to offset the carbon emissions from our lithium-ion battery collections and deliveries.