Meeting the UK’s
lithium-ion battery challenge

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It is no secret that sales of electric vehicles are growing rapidly in the UK and around the world. This green revolution is powered by rapid advances in technology, most notably the lithium-ion battery present in the majority of electric vehicles. Within a few years, these vehicles will be reaching the end of life and will require treatment to ensure the environmental benefits of their lifetime is maintained.

At the same time, there is a steady incumbent volume of batteries from portable applications such as laptops and mobile phones that need to be treated in a similar way.

Recover is addressing this growing volume of end of life lithium-ion batteries in the UK by working with an established facility for recycling these batteries within the UK. This facility will be capable of receiving and recycling all types of secondary lithium-ion batteries and recovers valuable materials including cathode powder, copper, and aluminium.

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A Focus on
Eco-Sustainable Recycling

The process is safe, low-energy, and cost-effective with recovery rates greater than 80%. The recovered materials are suitable for onward processing to create compounds suitable for reuse in battery manufacture.

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The UK’s First Ever In-House
Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Service!

The Government’s drive towards decarbonising vehicles means that petrol and diesel cars and vans will be phased out by 2030.

Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of electric vehicles on our roads, supported by Government incentives, particularly for electric vans.

Our new recycling service will involve stripping down the UK’s lithium-ion batteries and putting them through a rigorous process that extracts metals and precious metals, making them available for selling into other processes, or for recycling. We are already servicing the market very successfully by offering a collection and an easy way to recycling lithium-ion batteries. From batteries, laptops and mobile phones, we are able to assist with the safe disposal and recycling of all your lithium-ion needs.

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It's really easy to start recycling your lithium-ion batteries.


Contact Us

Simply contact us and we will run you through our simple recycling collection process. We can also do an on-site inspection with our ADR safety officer.


We Deliver

Once you're signed on we'll deliver a brand new Eco-Recover bin to match the amount of e-waste you produce.


We Collect

Our team will automatically collect your e-waste bin from your premises. Offering a  "No hassle, no fuss" service.


We Recycle

Our ADR-qualified drivers will transport your batteries to our local recycling plant to be recycled.

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Current Recycling Methods
of The UK’s Lithium-ion 

At the moment, many UK companies are exporting their lithium-ion batteries to Europe and other parts of the world for recycling and material recovery, and this results in high transportation costs and a heavy burden on the carbon footprint. We are currently the only service capable of offering effective lithium-ion battery recycling in the UK and its growing market.

There are major benefits for UK customers to have their batteries recycled with us. Not only does it mean reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint, it also keeps valuable materials and precious metals here in the UK, which can be re-purposed in other processes.

To give customers complete peace of mind, we also offer regular customer audits, so clients can be assured their products are being recycled responsibly.

We’re Growing Fast to
Service Businesses Nationwide

Recover is a new business here to tackle new problems. We strive to become the most cost-effective and convenient Lithium-Ion recycling service in the UK. Our road map is as follows:

  • Services businesses within the South West of England to ensure our processes are refined and simple to follow and execute
  • Develop a one-of-a-kind digital platform that makes recycling as easy as calling an Uber cab. We are investing a large portion of our start-up capital into ensuring everything is modern and easy to use.
  • Launch collection warehouses in every major city across the UK for nationwide coverage
  • Reduce costs of recycling UK’s Lithium-Ion through larger volumes and more coverage.
  • Offer small business collections with a package designed for low volume collections
  • Ensure Safety and Eco-Environmental practices are at the forefront of what we do
  • Launch a comprehensive and competitive fire safety product range for businesses
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