Our Lithium Battery
Recycling Services

At Recover, we’re more than just a battery collection service – we are a complete Lithium-ion recycling solution and we deliver a wide range of services to help businesses at every stage of their Lithium-ion journey.

Whether you have stock that needs securing or need help disposing of unwanted or damaged batteries. Recover has you covered.


Point A to point B – stress free!

We offer a reliable logistics network to support customers in transporting their batteries to our facilities.


Recover battry recycling logistics

Recover provides all customers with the assurance that their battery recycling requests are consistently handled with the highest standard of care to minimize risks along the way.

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    Seamless and efficient coordination of shipments
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    Advanced online portal to track, request and manage your recycling needs
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    Knowledgeable team to help customers understand packaging and documentation requirements
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    Adhere to regulatory standards set out by all governing bodies at regional and international levels


Ensuring your peace of mind.


Safe battery recycling

Recover offers its customers a home for the secure destruction of materials containing IP-sensitive design information, such as R&D batteries and battery materials.

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    Ensure privacy and confidentiality of customers’ trade secrets
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    Securely recycle materials from new product developments with full peace of mind
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    Safe and reliable damaged battery handling
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    Maintaining an environmentally friendly and responsible approach at all times


Going beyond recycling and providing tailored solutions.


tailored recycling solutions

Recover works closely with its customers to ensure the unique needs of their business and industry are met as it pertains to the handling of lithium-ion batteries.

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    Provide advice on packaging and support with procurement
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    Provide forward logistics and spare battery storage
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    Manage comprehensive battery replacement campaigns
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    Bespoke programs and services as needed
UK Green battery recycling

The Only UK Company
That REALLY Recycles!

Many collection companies that already exist in the UK, simply collect lithium-ion batteries but do not recycle as they promise to. Instead, they will simply collect your batteries and dispose of them in landfills and dumpsites, where they remain high-risk and environmentally damaging.

Companies that do recycle their batteries, do so by sending them abroad which increases CO2 emissions as units are transported across seas.

Based in Newport, Wales, Recover is the only company in the UK that recycles 100% of the Lithium-Ion Batteries that we collect, we do so locally, further reducing our impact on the environment.

Lithium Battery Disposal
Lithium Battery Recycling

Lithium Battery Disposal

While we aim to help businesses prevent Lithium related accidents, in the event that a fire should occur, Recover offers a Lithium waste disposal service.

Our team of collectors will come and clear the accident site of any lithium waste in a safe and controlled way, helping you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Lithium Battery Disposal

Lithium Battery Recycling

Lithium batteries contain raw elements such as nickel and cobalt which, as a finite resource, are extremely valuable in lithium battery production. Adopting a sustainable approach ensures these elements can be recovered and recycled.

Recover is the only company in the UK that recycles 100% of the Lithium-Ion Batteries that we collect, we do so locally, further reducing our impact on the environment.

Lithium Battery Recycling
About Recover Lithium battery Recycling UK
Lithium Battery ADR Transportation

Lithium Battery ADR Transportation

Lithium batteries are a significant fire risk and are classed as dangerous goods when it comes to transportation, even used batteries that are at the end of their life contain charge and need to be handled extremely carefully. At Recover, we have all the necessary dangerous goods transportation licences and specialist vehicles that are fully equipped to move used batteries between facilities.

Our team of experts can prepare the batteries for transportation, package them safely, and ensure they get to their end destination with minimal risk.

Lithium Battery ADR Packaging

Lithium Battery ADR Packaging

Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods and as such, require the use of special storage and transportation barrels. At Recover, we provide businesses with everything they need to keep their batteries secured safely.

Our clients receive UN-certified barrels in which to place the batteries, and vermiculite to neutralise them. We also provide our customers with expert guidance on how to use these materials to pack the batteries safely.

Lithium Battery ADR Packaging
Lithium Battery Consultancy
Lithium Battery Consultancy

Lithium Battery Consultancy

Our expert Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) can provide a full consultancy service with help and advice on all aspects of lithium-ion battery storage, transportation, and recycling.

Our team can be contacted for an online, telephone, or in-person consultation to discuss all of your one-off or ongoing lithium battery disposal needs.


Our Partnership with the
UK’s only lithium-Ion recycling solution

Eco Recover has an exclusive deal with the UK’s only lithium-Ion recycling plant to be its sole collector of Electric Transport batteries in the UK. This in turn makes Eco Recover the only genuine recycling collection service available in the country.

Recover Van providing our lithium-ion recycling solution

Why is Recycling
so important?

recycle battery

Be Green

By taking the responsibility of disposing of your lithium-ion batteries, you are helping to reduce the waste produced when making and transporting the batteries, as well as reducing the waste in our landfills.

eco recycle

Be Safe

It’s important to remember the safety dangers lithium-ion batteries pose. A common issue that can occur with these batteries is overheating, which can result in fires and explosions. By storing and transporting the batteries correctly, we can reduce the risk and provide a safer lithium-ion recycling solution.

lithium ion recycling

Be Responsible

We all have a responsibility to ensure that our products do not create more waste than necessary, and recycling is the answer. This responsibility is not only an ethical one but it is also a legal requirement.

We Recycle for a
Wide Range of Sectors

We collect and recycle all lithium-ion batteries. Therefore if you do not see your sector below, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Electric Vehicles

Scooter / EV Transport

We collect and recycle lithium-ion batteries from electric mopeds, e-bikes and e-scooters.

personal electronics

Media & Electronics

Laptops, Mobiles phones, Cameras, and even e-cigarettes contain dangerous Lithium-ion.

recycling centres

Recycling Centres

Recover is working with UK councils to ensure batteries from local centers are recycled.


Professional Equipment

We also collect and recycle the lithium-ion batteries found in power tools and equipment.

Delivering a Complete,
Eco-Friendly Recycling Solution

recycle battery

Our Vision

To provide EV businesses across the UK with an effective, reliable and affordable solution for the recycling and disposal of lithium ion batteries.

eco recycle

Our Mission

To develop a complete eco-friendly and reliable collection service that ensures batteries are recycled effectively and in a green and safe way.

lithium ion recycling

Our Values

To lead the way in reducing the global carbon emissions from the batteries used in electric scooters, bikes and mopeds, as well as prevent the dangers associated with storing lithium ion.

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