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It's really easy to start recycling your lithium-ion batteries.


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Simply contact us and we will run you through our simple recycling collection process. We can also do an on-site inspection with our ADR safety officer.


We Deliver

Once you're signed on we'll deliver a brand new Eco-Recover bin to match the amount of e-waste you produce.


We Collect

Our team will automatically collect your e-waste bin from your premises. Offering a  "No hassle, no fuss" service.


We Recycle

Our ADR-qualified drivers will transport your batteries to our local recycling plant to be recycled.

We’ll Provide you with
everything you need.

The equipment provided to clients is UN approved and meets ADR requirements. Detailed instructions on how to fill your barrels will be provided. Clients can also opt-in for an ADR inspection where an expert will walk you through the process and ensure best practices are carried out.

We’ll Provide You With:

Barrel for Eco Recover
1 x UN Approved plastic drum
(2 Sizes Available)
1 x Bag of Vermiculite Granules
1 x Selection on Ziplock Bags

What Happens To the lithium-Ion
Batteries After Collection:

100% of the batteries collected are recycled in the UK. Batteries are recycled and valuable materials such as cathode powder, copper, and alluminium are recovered. These materials are then used to manufacture new batteries.

lithium ion recycling

Eco-Friendly Collections

We are passionate about helping the environment and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore we’ve partnered with Wanderlands to offset the carbon emissions from our lithium-ion battery collections and deliveries.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

We work closely with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to make it easier for consumers to responsibly dispose of their used batteries while they shop.

Waste Management

Recover is working with UK councils to ensure batteries from local centers are recovered and recycled effiently.

Media & Electronics

We collect, transport and recycle unwanted lithium-ion batteries from; mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and more.

EV & Personal Transport

We collect and recycle lithium-ion batteries from electric cars, electric mopeds, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

Professional Equipment

Power tools also use Lithium-ion batteries. We work with stores and hire companies to ensure they recycle their unwanted, used, or damaged batteries.


Recover is working with the Healthcare sector to ensure that the Lithium-ion batteries used in various healthcare equipment are recycled.

Electronic Cigarettes

We work with vape retailers, manufacturers, and distributers to minimise the Lithium-ion waste generated by disposable vapes.

Renewable Energy

We work closely with numerous renewable energy companies in the UK to ensure that their Lithium-ion batteries are stored, transported, and recycled safely.