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Safe & Sustainable
Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Recover, in partnership with the UK’s ONLY lithium-ion Recycling plant, is the only UK company to recycle 100% of its lithium-ion batteries. We are 100% Eco-Focused and make recycling easy.

Listed as a class 9 (dangerous goods) item, lithium-ion batteries need to be stored and transported in a very specific way to reduce risk and improve safety.

Recover’s system is fully compliant with ADR standards and inspections are offered to customers to ensure that these standards are met throughout the collection process.

It's really easy to start recycling your lithium-ion batteries.


Contact Us

Simply contact us and we will run you through our simple recycling collection process. We can also do an on-site inspection with our ADR safety officer.


We Deliver

Once you're signed on we'll deliver a brand new Eco-Recover bin to match the amount of e-waste you produce.


We Collect

Our team will automatically collect your e-waste bin from your premises. Offering a  "No hassle, no fuss" service.


We Recycle

Our ADR-qualified drivers will transport your batteries to our local recycling plant to be recycled.

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Why Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling is so important

While switching to electric transport reduces our carbon emissions, it does raise other issues as these batteries can be dangerous if not disposed of, recycled or stored properly. We take pride in being the first UK solution to this.

Safer Management
of Lithium-ion

Using, storing, and disposing of lithium-ion batteries can be very dangerous and damaging to the environment, and should never be placed with general waste or sent to standard recycling plants.

Instead, Recover has developed a safe and fully sustainable solution that ensures lithium-ion batteries are stored and collected safely, and taken to a dedicated battery recycling center to be recycled in an eco-friendly way.

The Dangers
of Lithium-Ion

Fire can be caused by:

  • Overheating
  • Overcharging
  • Discharging too quickly
  • Water
  • Puncture or damage
UN Certified barrels
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UN-Certified, E-Waste
Storage and Transportation

Once you’ve signed up to Recover, we will provide you with UN-certified safety barrels that you can fill with your lithium-ion batteries. One of our ADR-qualified drivers will then collect the barrels at a scheduled time and transport the batteries to the recycling plant.

Clients also have the option to call us when their batteries are ready for collection. This is a fantastic option for those who require fewer collections.

Upon collection, a new barrel will be provided ready for filling before your next scheduled collection day.

Delivering a Complete,
Eco-Friendly Recycling Solution

Recover provides businesses with a complete and reliable lithium-ion recycling solution that is 100% eco-friendly. By participating in the recovery of Lithium-ion, businesses can play a more active role in the management of the lithium ion batteries they produce. Join Recover today and become part of the solution.

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Our Vision

To provide EV businesses across the UK with an effective, reliable and affordable solution for the recycling and disposal of lithium ion batteries.

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Our Mission

To develop a complete eco-friendly and reliable collection service that ensures batteries are recycled effectively and in a green and safe way.

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Our Values

To lead the way in reducing the global carbon emissions from the batteries used in electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds, as well as prevent the dangers associated with storing lithium-ion.

UK Based Recycling

Working with the UK’s only
fully certified Lithium-Ion Recycling Plant

We have partnered with the first facility in the UK to offer on-site recycling for multiple battery types, reducing the need for batteries to be exported for recycling in Europe.

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Battery Recycling

All types of secondary lithium-ion batteries will be recycled in order to recover valuable materials including cathode powder, copper, and aluminum. The process is safe, low-energy, and cost-effective with recovery rates greater than 80%.

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We are passionate about helping the environment and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore we’ve partnered with Wanderlands to offset the carbon emissions from our collections and deliveries.

research and development

Working to
raise awareness

As part of our mission to help the environment, we are working with businesses across the UK to improve sustainability and help them to reduce their own impact on the environment. By working together we have a more positive impact and make a much bigger difference.

UN Certified E Waste and battery recycling

Recycling Lithium-ion Batteries from
a Wide Range of Businesses

Electric Vehicles
EV / Scooter Batteries
personal electronics
Personal Electronics
Professional Equipment
recycling centres
Recycling Centres