Safe & Sustainable
Lithium-Ion Battery & Disposable Vape Recycling

We are 100% Eco-Focused and make recycling easy.

Our mission is to lead the way in responsible lithium-ion battery collection and recycling. We are dedicated to safeguarding the environment by promoting sustainable practices and minimizing the impact of lithium-ion batteries on our planet.

Through innovative recycling processes, we aim to maximize resource recovery, reduce electronic waste, and contribute to the development of a circular economy.

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“Our commitment is to provide efficient and reliable solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and industries to make a positive difference in the UK by choosing responsible battery disposal. Together, let’s create a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.”

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It's really easy to start recycling your lithium-ion batteries.


Contact Us

Simply contact us and we will run you through our simple recycling collection process. We can also do an on-site inspection with our ADR safety officer.


We Deliver

Once you're signed on we'll deliver a brand new Eco-Recover bin to match the amount of e-waste you produce.


We Collect

Our team will automatically collect your e-waste bin from your premises. Offering a  "No hassle, no fuss" service.


We Recycle

Our ADR-qualified drivers will transport your batteries to our local recycling plant to be recycled.

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We Collect & Recycle All Commonly used Lithium-ion Batteries

With our specialized collections and expertise in battery recycling, we ensure that these batteries are safely processed and recycled, preventing hazardous materials from harming the environment.

Disposable Vape Recycling

Disposable Vape Recycling

We offer a comprehensive and convenient disposable vape recycling service. Our dedicated program ensures that your used disposable vapes are responsibly handled and recycled, reducing electronic waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Mobile Phone Battery Recycling

Mobile Phone Battery Recycling

We're working with mobile phone stores to provide a convenient mobile phone battery recycling service that ensures the safe disposal of old or used mobile phone batteries, preventing them from ending up in landfills and polluting the environment.

Laptop & Tablet Battery Recycling

Laptop & Tablet Battery Recycling

A hassle-free solution to recycle laptop and tablet batteries. Stores can easily schedule a pickup, and our professional team will handle the entire process for you - Allowing providers to offer a convenient disposal service to their customers.

EV Battery Recycling

Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Recycling

With our expertise, you can trust us to responsibly recycle EV batteries, minimising the risk associated with lithium-ion and promoting the circular economy to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry.

E Bike & E Scooter Battery Recycling

E-Bike & E-Scooter Battery Recycling

Here at Recover, we're working to ensure E-Bike and E-Scooter batteries are properly recycled, reducing environmental impact and contributing to a cleaner, greener future for urban mobility.

Camera Battery Recycling

Camera Battery Recycling

At Recover, we understand the importance of sustainable practices in the photography industry. That's why we offer a dedicated camera battery collection and recycling service to help minimise the Lithium waste produced from camera batteries.

Camera Battery Recycling ()

Power Tool Battery Recycling

We recognize the significance of responsible e-waste management in the construction and DIY industries. To assist in this we offer a battery collection and recycling service to power tool stores and hire companies.

Solar Battery Recycling

Solar Battery Recycling

We offer a specialized solar battery collection and recycling service to solar farms across the UK to help ensure that hazardous materials, such as lead and other toxic substances, are properly handled and prevented from polluting the environment.

Golf Carts

Golf Cart Battery Recycling

Golf cart batteries contain valuable materials, such as lead, plastic, and electrolytes. Recycling these batteries allows for the recovery and reuse of these materials, reducing the need for new resource extraction.

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Why Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling is so important

While switching to electric transport reduces our carbon emissions, it does raise other issues as these batteries can be dangerous if not disposed of, recycled or stored properly. We take pride in providing a comprehensive solution to this.

Dangers of Lithium-ion Batteries: Understanding the Risks and Safety Considerations

Using, storing, and disposing of lithium-ion batteries can be very dangerous and damaging to the environment, and should never be placed with general waste or sent to standard recycling plants.

Instead, Recover has developed a safe and fully sustainable solution that ensures lithium-ion batteries are stored and collected safely, and taken to a dedicated battery recycling center to be recycled in an eco-friendly way.

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Environmental Impact of Lithium-ion Batteries: Addressing the Sustainability Challenges

With rising demand for lithium-ion batteries in sectors like electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, addressing their environmental impact is vital.

Proper recycling mitigates risks of hazardous materials, prevents soil and water contamination, and promotes resource conservation. By embracing lithium-ion recycling, we can manage electronic waste, reduce carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener, sustainable future.

UN Certified barrels

UN-Certified, E-Waste Storage and Transportation

Once you’ve signed up to Recover, we will provide you with UN-certified safety barrels that you can fill with your lithium-ion batteries. One of our ADR-qualified drivers will then collect the barrels at a scheduled time and transport the batteries to the recycling plant.

Clients also have the option to call us when their batteries are ready for collection. This is a fantastic option for those who require fewer collections.

Upon collection, a new barrel will be provided ready for filling before your next scheduled collection day.

Trained Professionals for Sustainable Solutions

Once you’ve signed up to Recover, we will provide you with UN-certified safety barrels that you can fill with your lithium-ion batteries. One of our ADR-qualified drivers will then collect the barrels at a scheduled time and transport the batteries to the recycling plant.

Clients also have the option to call us when their batteries are ready for collection. This is a fantastic option for those who require fewer collections.

Upon collection, a new barrel will be provided ready for filling before your next scheduled collection day.

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UN Certified E Waste and battery recycling

Recover: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for Lithium-ion Battery Management and Recycling

At Recover, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability, resource conservation, and responsible waste management practices specifically within the realm of lithium-ion batteries. Our commitment to sustainability revolves around the following core areas:

Battery Collection:

Recover excels in the collection of lithium-ion batteries from various sources. We work closely with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to ensure the proper disposal and recycling of these batteries, preventing environmental harm and promoting the recovery of valuable materials.

Industry Collaboration:

We actively engage in partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders in the lithium-ion battery industry. This includes masnufacturers, distributors, researchers, policymakers, and environmental organizations, as we believe that collective efforts are crucial for driving positive change and advancing sustainable practices.

Circular Economy Advancement:

Our focus extends beyond recycling to promote a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries. We strive to develop innovative solutions for battery reuse, refurbishment, and repurposing, ensuring that valuable resources are maximized and the lifespan of batteries is extended.

Compliance and Safety:

At Recover, we prioritize compliance with regulatory guidelines and safety standards. We ensure that our collection, transportation, and recycling processes align with industry best practices, providing peace of mind to our partners and stakeholders

Recycling Solutions:

We work with leading Lithium-ion specialists to safely and efficiently recycle lithium-ion batteries. Our processes prioritize the recovery of critical materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other valuable metals, reducing the need for raw material extraction and minimizing the environmental impact associated with battery production.

Environmental Impact Mitigation

Recover actively contributes to mitigating the environmental impact of lithium-ion batteries. By diverting batteries from landfills and incineration, we prevent potential soil and water contamination while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ecological damage.

At Recover, we are passionate about transforming the way lithium-ion batteries are managed and recycled.

Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future by minimizing waste, conserving resources, and promoting responsible lithium-ion battery disposal and recycling.

Recover - Recycling Redefined

We are revolutionizing the concept of lithium-ion recycling. Our mission is to ensure that every battery created is utilized to its utmost capacity and recycled to the maximum extent possible.

At the core of our approach lies a set of unwavering values, embracing sustainability, technological innovation, and ethical responsibility, as we strive to protect the planet and its precious resources.

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Our Vision

To lead the charge in revolutionizing lithium-ion recycling, setting a new standard for sustainability and responsible battery management worldwide.

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Our Mission

To maximize battery potential through recharge and reuse, while prioritizing extensive recycling, fostering a greener future by minimizing waste, reducing demand, and preserving valuable materials.

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Our Values

We embody sustainability through a circular economy for batteries, pioneering cutting-edge technologies, and taking responsibility for ethical practices to protect the planet and its resources.

Recycling Lithium-ion Batteries from
a Wide Range of Businesses

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

We work closely with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to make it easier for consumers to responsibly dispose of their used batteries while they shop.

Waste Management

Recover is working with UK councils to ensure batteries from local centers are recovered and recycled effiently.

Media & Electronics

We collect, transport and recycle unwanted lithium-ion batteries from; mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and more.

EV & Personal Transport

We collect and recycle lithium-ion batteries from electric cars, electric mopeds, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

Professional Equipment

Power tools also use Lithium-ion batteries. We work with stores and hire companies to ensure they recycle their unwanted, used, or damaged batteries.


Recover is working with the Healthcare sector to ensure that the Lithium-ion batteries used in various healthcare equipment are recycled.

Electronic Cigarettes

We work with vape retailers, manufacturers, and distributers to minimise the Lithium-ion waste generated by disposable vapes.

Renewable Energy

We work closely with numerous renewable energy companies in the UK to ensure that their Lithium-ion batteries are stored, transported, and recycled safely.